How to Clear Cache on Mac

You might have seen the word “cache” while using your Mac but do you know what it means?

For those who don’t know what cache is all about, the term is used for those temporary files that your computer stores whenever you visit a website, use an app, etc. This happens to speed up the process when you visit a page again. For instance, your Safari browser will download all the media of the web page you visit so that the next time when you visit the page, it won’t take too long to load all these files again.

Before heading to how to clear cache on Mac, let’s first understand what main cache types exist.

Roughly, the cache files that you can clean fall into three types:

  1. Browser cache

This is the type almost all computer users know about. Your browser keeps a record of all the data of the website you visit, such as your browsing history and downloaded media so that it does not have to load it again.

  • System cache

This is the data generated by your built-in system services on your MacBook.

  • User or App cache

This cache data is generated by the apps you use on your Mac, including built-in apps and third-party apps. Some people are hesitant about clearing app cache because they feel it can damage the system. Just remember that clearing app cache should not be made a regular habit but it must be given consideration at least in two weeks.

In this post, we’ll cover all three types and discuss how to clear cache on Mac in a manual way and also with the help of a tool.

Let’s get going!

How to Clear Browser Cache on Mac

To get rid of cache from your system step-by-step, you can do these following things.

Safari: how to clear cache on Mac

  • Go to Preferences on the browser home screen
  • Click Advanced in the menu
  • check “Show Develop menu in menu bar
  • Exit menu
  • Click Develop on the browser home screen
  • Click Empty Cache
  • Select the History tab and click Clear History

Chrome: how to clear cache, cookies, browsing history on Mac

  • Click the three dots on the browser home screen
  • Head to Settings > Advanced
  • Check all the given boxes in the dialog box
  • Click Clear data to remove cache, cookies, and browsing history

Firefox: how to clear cache and cookies on mac

  • Go to menu and select Options
  • Click the panel that says Privacy & Security
  • Click Clear Data
  • Check the “Cookies and site data” and “Cached web content” boxes
  • Click Clear

How to clear system and app cache on Mac

  • Close all apps and go to Finder
  • Head to the menu and click Go
  • Select Go to Folder
  • The window that appears, type ~/Library/Caches
  • Hit Ok
  • Delete the files you want in the Cache folder
  • Repeat all of these steps now by typing Library/Caches

That’s how to clear cache on Mac manually. You can also use a Mac cleaning tool to help you do it faster and more safely.

Quickly clear browser, app and system cache on Mac

You can save a lot of your time by using a Mac cleaner app instead. Mac Optimizer Pro is a safe and cost-efficient Mac Cleaner that clears all types of old and useless cache found on your system. Simply install and open the app, click on Scan, and click the Safely Clean button after the scan is complete. Furthermore, it comes with many more features such as clearing out junk data, managing the startup to make it faster, deleting old log entries and preferences, uninstalling unwanted apps, and removing heavy files and leftovers completely to prevent recovery.

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